“Hi (Davina),I just thought sending you a message. The clients phoned and they had a GREAT holiday. Actually they told me they did not want to return to Holland…… And just now they phoned again.
They are interested in seeing more of the country and are wondering what parts they can still see/visit?.
(…) You have freedom to put a nice trip together fort hem visiting another area. I hope that is possible.
Thanks again for your help.
Tryntsje (EXPERIENCE TRAVEL – March 24th, 2014)
“Dear Patrick,
They had excellent trip & enjoyed a lot.
Thanks for all your help & cooperation.
Subrata (MAKE MY TRIP – March 12th, 2014)
“Hi Sylvia,We all arrived home safely and everyone had an amazing time!  I can’t thank you enough for all your help, your patience and support.  Everything you arranged went so smoothly and well orchestrated thanks to all your hard work.
We are working on a couple of groups for next year so (…) I hope to send more business your direction.  It has been a pleasure.
Again, many many thanks!!”
Sandy (BOBS CRUISES – February 24th, 2014
“Thank you Anais !
You are all so efficient
Kind Regards as always”
Glenda (ELEGANT RESORT & VILLAS – October 2013)
“Dear Heilanie
I ve just spoken with our client (she arrived yesterday in Italy)
I want to thank you because we had compliments for the stay and services in Polynesia.
For us is very very important
Thanks so much
My best rgds
Serena (YARA TOURS – October 2013)
“Kia Ora
Jack, you are a champion, an officer and a gentleman.
Bless you for that and for doing it so quickly.
I thought you guys were pretty sharp before….now I reckon you qualify for AMAZING.
Most grateful.
Best regards”
Kevin (Client – Jul 23rd, 2013)
“Dear Jack,
we have received following message today from our clients, they arrived back this Saturday.They were very very happy with their journey / Trip to French Polynesia and the Cooks, lots of thx and best regards to our colleagues from the agency/tour operator, very good work!
They will recommend us and hopefully we are all able to send lots of satisfied clients again with you from Austria to French Polynesia.So all went well and clients are very happy with the organisation
Best regards”
Martina (FTI – July 15th, 2013)
“Dear Diana,
good day, this mail is just to inform you that our clients were very happy about their journey, and a have to thank you a lot for having arranged everything at the best!

Fabio (Consulenza e Programmazione Viaggi – July 11th, 2013)
“Dear Brenda/Patrick,
Greeting from Harshil Holidays!!!We would like to inform you that our clients liked their Honeymoon Tour a Lot.
They enjoyed the stay in Tahiti, Bora Bora & Moorea a Lot.
Really appreciate your efforts.
Thanks a Lot once again for all your cooperation towards us.
Thanks to Both the Team of Tahiti Tours for their Excellent Service and Cooperation.
Thanks & Regards”
Pravin (HARSHIL HOLIDAYS  – May 30 2013)