The Islands of Tahiti

Welcome to our Polynesian paradise !

You are about to enter the exotic world of the South Pacific and discover its beauties.

Through the hues and richness of her lagoons, her radiant beaches and luxuriant greenery, the warmth and generosity of her people, Tahiti and her islands will simply enchant you.

Moorea….Bora Bora….The Marquesas….The Australs and other dreamy atolls…let us be your guide… Ia Orana e Maeva.

The Society Archipelago
Consisting mainly of high islands, this archipelago gathers the most famous of the Polynesian islands. Tahiti is the administrative capital as well as the international point of welcome.

* Tahiti * Moorea * Huahine * Taha’a * Maupiti * Bora Bora *

The Tuamotu Archipelago

A string of atolls set between sky and ocean and a world-renowned scuba diver’s paradise, this archpelago reveals a blue-tinged facette of polynesia. Motus (islets) and coconut trees connect together to protect the most precious fauna and coral lagoons. It is the realm of pearl farming.

* Rangiroa * Tikehau * Manihi * Fakarava *

The Marquesas Archipelago
Land of legends known as the « Land of Men », this archipelago of massive and abrupt landscapes is the most unspoiled of all. Originally the homeland of the Maori people whose songs, dances, tikis and tatoos are known worldwide, the Marquesas still stir souls as they did for artists such as Paul Gauguin, Herman Melville and Jacques Brel.

* Nuku Hiva* Hiva Oa * Ua Pou * Ua Huka *

The Austral Archipelago


Located at the extreme southern border of Polynesia, thus not often considered as part of the traditional tourist circuit, this archipelago contains numerous resources and traditions. Its soft landscapes and temperate climate are favorable to the growth of local, staple foods which, along with arts and crafts, constitute its principal economic contributors.

* Rurutu * Tubuai * Rimatara * Rapa * Raivavae *


The Gambier Archipelago
This small archipelago lies isolated at the extreme eastern
border of Polynesia and is mainly known for pearl farming.

* Mangareva * Rikitea *



Credit photo : GIE Tahiti Tourisme – Philippe Bacchet – Lam Nguyen – Jeff Benhamza