French Polynesia is definitely one of the most recognized underwater destinations for observing what the majority of divers call « le gros » (everything « in big »). And even then on a scale surpassing your wildest hopes, (schools of several hundred carangues, loach etc), you will find three highlights in the Tuamotu archipelago: Manihi, Tikehau, and Rangiroa, all world renowned. Majestic manta rays with wing spans of several meters, and their somewhat smaller cousins, the leopard rays; Napoleon fish weighing over 35 kg: a large number of species of shark, such as the gray shark, the reef shark with its white dorsal fin, the sleeper shark and, less frequently, the whale shark, the hammerhead, and rare still, humpback whales during the months of July – October. Not to mention the barracudas, dolphins and turtles. Most of these underwater marvels can be found at depth less than 30m ( although French Polynesia is host to any number of deeper, more technical explorations), so don’t hesitate any longer: treat yourself to the discovery of Tahiti’s underwater Garden of Eden.