Témoignages :

“Further to our telephone conversation earlier this week, when I contacted you
personally tell you what a wonderful honeymoon Logan and Tracey had on the
Sofitel Private Island in Bora Bora.They were upgraded to the 1 and only Over the Water Villa with its own private
beach. They were extremely elated with this special consideration. They are
the clients who embrace the local customs and are very considerate of how
hard the staff worked and thought up special treats for them.They were given their own kayak on their own private beach so that if they went
out early in the morning or under the stars they did not have to ask anybody.Logan and Tracey could not say enough good things about the special surprises
that were arranged for them, like dinning on the beach, candle lite dinners
in secluded corners. There was much more, they spent an hour at my desk
telling me everything. Bora Bora was definitely paradise.Thank you and Goway’s ground handlers in Tahiti for their quick response when the
Porters missed their schedule departure. The quick reaction by you personally
insured that the arrangements for the later arrival went smoothly.”
(Hagen’s Travel & Cruises – June 15th, 2015)
“Dear Heilanie,
Just want to tell you that this clients has been to heaven!! They loved Tahiti and are so pleased with your service!!
Thanks for making me look good when I know you have helped me with so good service!!”
(Tour Pacific – June 15th, 2015)
“Excellent du début à la fin, dès notre arrivée à Papeete nous avons été accueilli avec un collier de fleurs, puis un petit transfert au Manava.
La chambre était très confortable.
Mardi transfert Moorea, 15 mn de vol et transfert au Mooréa Pearl. Accueil extra, avec uncollier de fleuret une petite boisson en attendant notre chambre, une hotesse
nous a présenté l’hôtel et les différentes activités, puis visite de notre superbe chambre.
Les 5 jours se sont super bien passés avec toujours une énorme sympathie de tout le personnel. Remise d’un collier de coquillages avant notre départ.
Dimanche direction Bora Bora Pearl, 45 mn de vol transfert en bateau, accueil très sympa visite de l’hôtel et découverte de notre extraordinaire bungalow jardin.
Le dernier jour nous avons eu un faré de 11h à 18h en attendant le départ pour Papeete. Remise d’un collier de coquillage.
Que dire de ces 4 merveilleux jours, vraiment sublimes.
Mercredi à 18h 20 transfert en bateau puis envol pour PPT 45 mn. Arivée au Manava pour possession de notre suite lagon très belle et spacieuse.
Vendredi dernier jour nous avons gardé notre chambre jusqu’à 18h moyennant un petit supplément, notre transfert étant à 21h25 pour le vol de 23h59 direction CDG.
Arrivée à Paris Dimanche matin. C’est déjà fini.
Merci Monique de ce superbe voyage très bien arrangé du début à la fin.
Nos gardons de superbes images et un excellent souvenir de la sympathie des Polynésiens.”Laurence et Jean Luc (Client : Directours – 9 juin, 2015)
“Hi again and Greetings from rainy Costa Rica!Our client is so very very pleased and super happy with your services, as demanding as she is and the great experience she has travelling the world with groups this is a huge compliment, she has no complaints at all (…), and GOOD NEWS she will do the same cruise with another group on 2015 and she will give us the group again!!!
As for me I must tell you again, I couldn’t be happier and pleased with the excellent service you gave me during the planning, booking, finalizing and following up of these complicated groups, as I said before only the best can handle groups like this in a flawless way!! Thanks a lot for the nice attitude, the patience and the hard team work you all put into this, you will be my only choice of tour operator in Tahiti there is no doubt about it, keep up the good work!!
Sending a big hug for all of you and my kindest regards”
Mauricio (BARCHA TRAILS – May 18, 2014)